Anonymous asked:

how did you meet your wonderful girlfriend? :o

I approached her at a gay bar in manhattan :)
She walked in alone and I was with some friends of mine and I couldn’t stop staring at her, so a friend of mine pushed me to go talk to her and the rest is history!

quinforthewin asked:

i'm sorry if this is weird at all but i live and go to high school in a small city in one of the most conservative provinces of canada and i just want to say thank you for being so rad and proud cause i dress androgynously and people think i'm from the other side of the moon because of it, so thank you again for being amazing

This is just one of those messages that really warms my heart. Thanks so much, dear. It was the same for me towards the end of high school. Keep at it!

Anonymous asked:

Hi! Im from Argentina and i love you since 2 years ago, your photos and your personality are awesome <3 You're So beautiful ! What do you prefer : Natural hair or dyed hair? Bye!

Hey! Thanks for being such a long-time follower! 

And thanks for the sweet compliments. I don’t know which I prefer, it depends on the person. I’ve been really into grey hair lately.