Another round of posts in the subway reminding the people of NYC and all of the boroughs that it is perfectly legal and acceptable for people with breasts to be topless in public.

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gardengrrrl asked:

Being a high schooler and visual artist in small town, CT, I am totally inspired by you. What you are doing in the subways with #ItsLegalNY is something I totally respect and look up to you for.

Hey! I grew up in CT! I’m very happy you like what I’m doing and thank you for your kind words. I hope to get some people to help me as I continue this project :)

Anonymous asked:

Don't recommend Zara. Their products fall apart at the slightest breeze lol

I worked there for a very long time and you’re right, some of their products are crap, but you can usually tell by looking at them how well they’ll last, and I’ve gotten more than a few awesome things from them that have lasted me years.

Anonymous asked:

hi where did you get your black jeans? do you usually ware womens or mens ?

They are forever 21 woman’s jeans they’ve lasted a while! I can’t fit into most mens pants but I can fit into Zara boys pants which is always nice.